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'Come Clean', a touching song about destruction in one's self, will get you thinking about what truly matters. The cinematic aspect of the song will transport you right into the core of your emotions and will leave you feeling empowered and strong. The track tackles the fundamental subjects of mental health and addiction, through an honest and powerful lyric and vocal.


    [coming soon]   

A dark, alternative collective - fusing elements

of activism, environmentalism and veganism.

Oh Mother is a reminder to behold the

beauty of the world that surrounds us and

to protect it from the dangers we impose.

H!GH, 2020

It's all fun and games until you have to come down.

Let Erin May pump up your energy with their alluring summer track! 


'H!GH' is everything you want from an EDM track... Think sexy lyrics, fruity melodies, powerful vocals and a drop! Even though you will want to dance your way through listening to the track, the artist have their own ominous vision of the song... discover the world of battling between our drunk self and our sober self.

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